character analysis

Most novels describe the character’s personality well. Also, Finding and understanding character’s nature is the one of the fun of reading a book. A few months ago, I read a story mainly handling marriage. The story’s title is ‘the day when she gets married.’ Although that is not a novel exactly, I think it says character’s personality well with detailed and funny saying and behavior This story is a musical’s script. The range that I read is the one part of the whole story. The main story is about Gabbuni’s, Mang jinsa’s daughter, marriage. The story shows Mang Jin Sa’s characters well. To summarize, Mang Hyo Won are going to give his daughter in marriage to Mi En who is the son of a powerful family. He only seeks for the wealth and honor; he decides his daughter marriage without any consideration. Mi En and his uncle, Chi Un go to Mang Hyo Won camouflaging themselves to check Mang’s personality. They lie to Mang that Mi En has a crookback. There are many descriptions about Mang Hyo Won, it is easy to find his feature. First, He is very pleased with the list of wedding gifts. Also the reason that he decides the Mi En as the groom is that he is the son of the powerful family. He doesn’t regard Mi En’s personality. Also, he says it is better to be hurt by the rich than the poor. At this point we can know he thinks the money and honor very importantly and he is very greedy. In addition he changes his family tree. He thinks his family tree is so poor so he changes to be showed as if his family is powerful. Also, he likes to boast the fact that his family confirms a wedding with a strong family. It is not that difficult to know that he is too vain. Also when Mi En and Chi Un visit him disguising as a classical scholar and a servant, He throws them out. However, he becomes to know that they are the people of Mi En’s family soon and he calls them back and gives great treatment. He shows that he is an opportunist and cold-hearted. Mang Hyo Won is the typical man who has bad and foolish role. He is unkind and only seeks for the wealth. Eventually at the end he fells into his own trap. However in this story he is closer to a foolish and humorous people than an evil man. I think it describes the characters’ features not only the Mang Hyo Won, but also other people. Maybe it is a musical script and the story is developed by the character’s lines.

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cell phones

The Ulsan city council propelled an ordinance to ban students from using cell phones at school, and it engendered a lot of controversy on August, 2009. I admit that using cell phones of students at school causes some problems, so some regulations are necessary. However, if we codify to ban using cell phones at school in law, it will cause more severe side effects.

     First, legalization to ban using cell phones at school arrogates school’s autonomy. Each school can regulate using cell phones autonomously. Schools can solve the problems efficiently by communication and comprise with students. Therefore, legalization is excessive reaction.

     Second, legalization also arrogates student’s autonomy. In a broad sense, using cell phones is a cultural life of students and a pintle to connect people. Also, many students are provided with convenience from cell phones. Cell phones can help students study. Cell phones have many good points and their problems are just one part.

     Third, cell phones can protect students. Most students study outside till late to go to better high schools or universities. Also, students are exposured to crimes against teenagers like sex crimes. Cell phones can connect students with parents easily. Therefore, cell phones can contribute to students’ safety.

     Gandhi said, “Unreasonable laws themselves are violence. The arrest on breach of the laws is more severe violence”. Like his saying, legalization of using cell phones encroaches school’s and students’ rights. Therefore, I am against the laws that ban students from using cell phones at school.

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The best choice

The best choice

     ‘Friendship or honesty that is the question.’ I bet this is the best sentence to express my feeling at the school. I haven’t met such a big problem like that. Today, we took a mid-term test which was the first test since I became third grade. Of course, I had studied very hard to get great grades and I had confidence. However, my best friend Mina told me on our way to school she didn’t study at all because she had a cold. The problem was that she wanted me to show her answers to her when we entered the classroom. I hesitated, and luckily my homeroom teacher came soon and told us to study quietly not talking with friends

     I had to study at the homeroom, but I couldn’t concentrate on my study because of my best friend Mina’s request. ‘What should I do now?’ I worried and worried. Mina and I have been best friends since we were in elementary school. Also, she helped me many times before. I didn’t want to break friendship between us because of this test. I believed friendship was much more important than study or test. However, it was not a right thing to show my answers to my friends. That was the undeniable cheating and it was bad for both of us. Moreover, I have always tried to be moral and honest so that cheating is against my values.

     Finally, I decided not to show my answers. I thought we were young and had many chances of test. However, the pang of conscience would remain my shameful memory through whole life. In addition, I knew that if I did cheating I would do it more easily and frequently.

     As the bell rang, I convinced my friends explaining the reason I couldn’t show my answers. I hoped my friend would understand me. However, she was angry at me and told me that she was disappointed and didn’t want to talk with me. I was sorry for her, but at the same time angry at her. I came to my seat, and took a test. After finishing the test, Mina went home with other friends without looking at me. In spite of the end or the test, I was never happy.

     I reached at home and went to my room saying to mom that I’m tired. I cried and cried regretting not showing my answers to my friends. After a while, I fell asleep and had a dream. In my dream, I was walking to my classroom with Mina, and she asked me to show her answers. I was happy because I thought I went back to the past and told Mina “yes” without hesitation. At test, Mina threw a note to me and I wrote my answers on that note.

     Right after I threw the note to Mina, teacher called me and Mina with angry voice. Teacher didn’t let us take the test, and we were scolded by my homeroom teacher. Also, my classmates considered us dishonest. Also, police officer came and said to me and Mina. “You, little girls, did very bad things. Once you start to do bad things, you can do worse things easily. Therefore, we are going to take you to the prison to make you regret and not to do bad things again. Come with us” I was very scared and regret showing the answers. I cried and shouted. At that moment, mom woke me up.

     I was very happy to know that it was a dream. I said my dream and the real event at the school to my mom. After she listened to me, she smiled and praised me. “Minhee you did great things. When you grow up, you will be proud of you. Also, if Mina is a good girl and your real friend, she will understand you. If she is not, you’d better finish the relationship. A friend like that will ask you worse things and make you tired.”

     Now, I never regret my behavior. Actually I am proud of me about being honest.  Somebody says it is more important to observe my rules at the hard time than easy time to observe it. Also, I bet Mina will understand me, because she has always been my best friend. Oh! My mom called me! She said Mina made a phone call to me! I thought I have to finish my diary to answer the phone.

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My computer got a virus some time. At that time, I experienced inconvenient. I had some questions and it took much time to find necessary information because I couldn’t use the internet. Although there are negative sides of Internet, I think the Internet is necessary and helpful in learning communication.

     First, the Internet is fast and has various and specific information. If you know how to type you can find necessary information. There is a function of search on the Internet. If you type the keyword which is related with the data and click the mouse or press “Enter”, you will get information in a moment. Also, there is much information on the internet. There are many menus like internet cafe, blog, news on the Internet. Also, there are many homepages which people give and receive the information. There for there is a plenty of data. Also, the Internet help people get specific and detail information. If your book is not a specialty publication, you cannot get detail materials. However, you can get accurate data through the internet.

     Second, there are useful programs on the Internet. For example, there are Internet online like EBS class. Also, there are useful sites like kkulmat site. In addition, some academies give on-line lecture.

     Third, we can communicate more actively with each other. The Internet is connected all over the world. Therefore, we can communicate neglecting time and space through the internet. I exchange e-mails with my friends who are in the U.S, and India. Also, Internet chatting made us communicate as fast as we talk directly, if we can type. In addition Internet café and blog is also helpful for keeping in touch with friends. I have Internet café for the students in the same class in the 6th grade. Thanks to the café, we can communicate though we don’t meet. My friends and I have blogs. We express our feelings like sadness or happiness by writing on the blogs. After reading the notes we comfort the friend of share the happiness. Also, in the real world, the news and information on the Internet can be main issues among the friends.

     In conclusion, the Internet is good for learning and communicating. The function of search let us collect necessary information fast and easily. Also, Internet homepages and an email help us promote friendship. Like other tools, Internet has negative side and positive sides both. It depends on us whether the Internet is a useful tool or not.

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Can it be justified that kill cruely Kadafi although he is a dictator?

Can it be justified that kill cruely Kadafi although he is a dictator?

Recently, there was a big issue about Kadafi who had been a ruler of Libya. He was a dictator. He did many bad thinkgs like killing innocent many people. So, the people in the Libya did rebellion to expel Kadafi. Finally they catched him and killed him. However there is a controversy because they killed so cruely.

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spending money

Spending money is very important for teenagers. There are two types of spending money that parents give to their children; one is giving them money with no strings attached and the other is giving it when they do something required. In these two types, I prefer the former for following four reasons.


First, children can spend their money more carefully. If the children get their spending money without any costs, they will consider money unimportant. This is because they can get the money easily. However, if they should do something to get spending money, they will give more affection to money. They do efforts to earn that money and they know earning it is not easy. Also, children can understand the value of earning money. 


Second, the ability of managing allowance can be a great asset when children grow up. I saw the saying that it is the one way to grow a sense of economy to manage allowance well. Keeping a record of spending money is helpful. They can know where they spent their allowance writing it. Thanks to that, they think more deeply when they buy something.

Forth, they can learn the meaning of “no pains, no gains”. They would know that they should pay the fair pay to earn something. Knowing it is so important. Some people want something, although they do nothing. The people who have that attitude can never get what they desire for.


In conclusion, I think the children should be required to do something if they want to get spending money. They will not waste their money and when they grow up they can manage their money better. Also, children can know the value for the cost to get something they want.                                                


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change the world

Most students have dreams. Most of them want to change the world or make great accomplishments in the history like Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates. I also want to be the great person who change the world. That’s the reason that I entered the KMLA and study· However, I am now in a confusion. Firstly, I don’t know what I really want to do, what I am really good at. I cannot decide my future job. Also, I am not sure how to live to change the world or reach my goal. Some people want to exemplar and elite courses like great universities. Some people wander and experience various things. But I think there is a common thing. The people who succeed enjoy and like doing their own jobs. I really want to find something I can enjoy.

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Being a happy with a job is more important.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Being happy with a job is more important than having a high salary. Use specific reasons and exampls to support your answer.


     Many people hesitate between happiness and high salary when they choose jobs. Both high salary and happiness are important in jobs. However I think having happiness from jobs is more important. When people really enjoy their works, wealth follow the people and real success is feeling happy from the works what one can really do well.


     To start with, being happy with a job play a pivotal role in earning much money. If  people really like their works, they will do their best on their own. They pour their energy to the fullest. This tremendous effort and passion usually bring a great fortune to people. The best of example of this is Ann Chul Soo, who played a pivotal role in getting rid of bad computer viruses. At first, he entered the Medical College to be a doctor. His parents wanted him to be a doctor. However, when he knew about computer viruses by chance he decided to abandoned the rich life as a doctor and started to study about computer viruses. He said the reason he made that decision is he sought happiness and joy from works. As a result of great decision that he made, he became rich and be respected by many people. They became failed or normal doctor later because they didn’t enjoy their jobs and do best.


     To summarize, I definitely believe that happines with a job is more important and worthy than high salary. Having happiness from work gives a big fortune to the people and is a final people’s goal.   



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University athletic departments should receive the same amount of funding as university libraries.

Topic : Do you agree or diagree with the following statement? University athletic departments should receive the same amount of funding as university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer


     Recently, the importance of sports activities has increased. Especially, It is emphasized to students. The time of P.E class in the school has became many. Also, great leaders like Barack Obama, the U.S. president, enjoy sports. I agree with the statement  because health is essential to the studying students and sports help students to have skills of socializtion.


     First, Staying health is very important to study well. Many students study hard to enter into the good schools or have a good job or achieve their own goals. Students usually sit on the chair for hours and stay up late to study. Sitting on the stationary position for a long time and having lack sleep demands great health. For example, some of my friends who study really hard collapsed because of weekness. The can’t concerntrate well and study for a long time. On the contrary who is healthy can concerntrate on studying for hours.


     Second, sports give a chance to learn how to socialize with other peoples. Most sports like baseballs, soccers are teem games. To win, cooperating with other players is essential.  For example, famous playera like Park Ji-sung, Korean soccer player, and Michael Jordan, U.S. basketball player,  always emphasize good teem work cooperation. They usually say having good sports abilities is important but teem work is much more important. Also, when I was in the middle school we had basketball game. The teem who comunicate and help each other won the game although there were not great players in the team. However, there were great players in my teem, our teemwork was bad. They just concerntrated on scoring a goal on their own.


     In conclusion, Universities should fund same amount on both athletic departments and libraries. Good health is the basic energy to the students whe are busy studying. Not only that but also sports teach how to socialize with other people well. To be great people and succeed in the society sports and studying should be balanced.

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The meaning of my name and my poem

이민경(Lee Min Gyeong)

이(李) : Lee

민(珉) : Min

경(庚) : Gyeong

     ‘李(Lee)’ is my family name. ‘珉(Min)’ means a gem stone. ‘庚(Gyeong)’ means a star. My name ‘珉庚(Min Gyeong)’ means that be strong and shine like a gem stone and light on the world brightly like a star.


New class New semester New classmates

I am excited like a young child

who is expecting a picnic


New class New semester New classmates

I am worried and frightened like a young child

who is waiting for a medical examination


With many thoughts and emotions

Knowing nothing about the future

I start stepping for another adventure


Sometimes obstacles can obstruct me

Sometimes obstacles can make me cry


I will keep going for my precious goal



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